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10 Best Online Clothing Wholesale Shopping Websites in Turkey

In this article, we have focused on some of the best Turkish online shopping website, where you can dropship and buy bulk wholesale clothes.

Turkey clothing market is one of the biggest markets in the world. They produce some of the best clothes in the world, which are then wholesaled and drop shipped at affordable prices by Turkish online shopping websites.

Turkish clothes wholesale business is booming and it can be the best business to invest in. With some of the best suppliers and manufacturers of clothes. You are assured of quality products that will satisfy your customers’ demands and needs.

List of Turkish online shopping websites


Here is a list of Turkish online shopping websites.

WebsiteLocationWhat they offerIf they offer worldwide shipping
Fimka StoreTurkeyWholesaleYes
Clup FashionTurkeyWholesaleNo
Wow- WholesaleTurkeyWholesaleYes
www.hepsiburada.comTurkeyDropship and WholesaleNo
N11.comTurkeyDropship and WholesaleYes
Clogs Clothing SupplierTurkeyDropship and WholesaleYes

1. Fimka Store

Fimka Group was started in 1984, it has a total of five separate companies that operate in the field of textile and tourism. The company manufacture, supply, and wholesale women’s clothing, as well as offering quality products and nice options for boutique owners outside Turkey.

Fimka brand facilitates wholesaling based on Fimka group innovative warehousing concept and hence become the leading Turkish clothing online store in a very short time.

If you are looking for the best women clothes, then this is the right site for you. It has a large variety of women clothing ranging from Dresses, Tops& Bottoms, Denim, Coats, Knitwear, suits and much more.

Being among the leading Turkish online shopping websites, they aim to provide the best of services to their customers. They have a team of experts who are always ready to provide help and answers to your queries.

2. CulpFashion

Whether it is jeans, women’s sports wares, trench coats & coats, veiled clothes, men’s clothing, children clothing and much more at wholesale prices then this is the place for you to be. With the fancy and easy to use site ClupFashion offers some you some of the best Turkish clothing’s.

What makes stand out than the other Turkish online clothing stores? They have developed their own mobile app, that you can use. When you are not near a computer or don’t want to use a computer to shop for clothes. The mobile app comes in handy and you can shop for products using it.

Are you worried about the quality of their products? well don’t be any more, they source their clothes from some best and renowned manufactures of clothes in Turkey. So, authenticity and quality of the products are assured. They wholesale the clothes at pocket-friendly prices.

3. Turkopt

As we focus on online shopping from turkey to worldwide, we have to mention Turkopt. This is among the best and leading turkey online shopping store. Offering a large selection of apparel for women, children, and gentlemen. Their fashion trends vary from comfort wear, fast order gathering all in one.

What makes it so unique? Is that they focus mainly on selling Turkish clothes and brands to the rest of the world. They source their “made in Turkey” clothes mainly from the best wholesale boutiques and manufactures of Istanbul.

If you are looking for cheap online shopping their wholesale site is the best choice. They accept payment through a Turkish bank account, PayPal or by using international send money options such as a western union.

4. Wow- Wholesale

If you are looking to buy wholesale clothing for your e-shop, boutique, or any other established clothing business or company, then Wow clothing wholesale is here for you. They distribute wholesale clothes all over turkey.

They have wholesale products that are originally branded and are available at cheap wholesale prices. The wholesale clothes are supplied in mixes according to seasons, categories, and brands. You will not only get a variety of clothing products but also accessories and shoes.

When you have an issue don’t be reluctant to ask their team of experts. To place an order for a cloth you need first to register with them.

5. Whocit

This Turkish clothes wholesale site offers you the opportunity to purchase their clothes products at a comparatively lower price than any other site. You can also order the clothes in bulk.  You just need to register yourself on their site and start enjoying the great deals.

From this site, you will enjoy a variety of men, children, and women’s clothes.  The site offers some of the best high-quality top-brands clothing collections.

6. Hepsiburada.

This Turkish online shopping website is the leading wholesaling and dropshipping e-commerce website in Turkey. With more than 10,000 suppliers, they are able to cater to the needs of 50% of their customers who are outside Turkey’s major cities and also more than 22 million unique monthly visitors.

They have a mobile app that has over 9 million downloads. The app lets you order products from their website directly. With over 36 categories of products, they have proven to be a market giant in Turkey. They have also specialized in wholesale women’s clothing.

Hepsiburada Shipping and delivery system are so efficient, and in case there is a problem with the product delivered then their return policy has you all covered.


This name doesn’t sound even like a shopping site, but trust me it is one of the most established Turkey online shopping stores. They have a wide selection of products to choose from.  When it comes, to clothes and apparel, then they have the best. Ranging from men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and kids’ clothing.

Not only that. They have accessories, shoes, and other fashion products. They offer trendy clothing products that will definitely fit your taste and preferences. offers value-based suggestions based on customers’ trust, convenience, attention, and support on their online store.

8. Breshka

Breshka head office is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The website focuses on producing and wholesaling clothing products that target young people and also focusing on the interests and needs of this public.

Their shops have spaces that are intended for various products lines that Breshka offers. In each section, Breshka, BSK & Man, the products are arranged according to their style. Creating a wide spectrum ranging from sportswear to casual and from the most basic garments to the more fashionable items.

Breshka also has a specific section that is given the most consideration. This is the section that is given or dedicated to women’s wear. It focuses on the latest fashions and includes leading trends. Apart from the wide range of clothing. Breshka also offers a wide range of accessories and footwear.


DDFs is a Turkish clothing online store located in Istanbul. The store offers a different category of clothing which includes men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear, accessories, and shoes.  They have focused majorly on women’s clothing. They update their catalog every time to provide customers with new arrivals and trending clothing brands.

So, if you are looking for the best, latest, and trending dresses then DDFS have you all covered.

10. Clogs Clothing Supplier

This is a leading wholesaler and dropshipping website. From this site, you can wholesale some of the best men’s suits.  Their subcategories include plain suits, cachet suits, classic suits, double-breasted suits, strip suits which appeals to all gentlemen of all ages who like to be stylish and feel comfortable while in their different workplaces.

Clothing suppliers offer suits that will make your wardrobe look more stylish by providing you with a variety of suits a varieties of colors through a shopping journey with an easy payment method.  Trust me you can’t find any better site that offers you a large style and selection of plenty men suit that fits any body type and age.


Can I start the clothing business on Turkish online shopping websites and where can I can source the products?


Absolutely, you can. Here I recommend you one good dropship and wholesale website—- China sourcing agent.

We can never fail to mention, when sourcing products for sale.  As one of the largest e-commerce shopping websites in China. They have overcome all odds and establish a solid wholesale and dropship clothing business in Turkey.

They have a global reach servicing customer in over 200 countries worldwide. With a catalog of over 500,000 products, including all types of clothing, you can choose comfortably the type of clothing you want without worrying about the stock.


What is even better, is they cover both high-end and low-end products lines at wholesale price.  So, it’s upon you to choose a product depending on your budget.

With Chinabrands you are always assured of 100% guaranteed high-quality products. They update their catalog weekly to provide customers with a range of products to choose from. You are assured of getting the best customers services from their team of experts.

Besides, they can interface with more than 16 main e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Joom, etc.

What’s more, register as their member, you will get a free lifelong VIP membership, which allows you to own many privileges, such as, list products information, sync inventory and orders to your store for free, etc. They allow you to start your dropshipping business with zero budget.

Moreover, for each purchase, you can get CB points, which can use as cash in the next purchase. This can really maximize your profits.

How to get loyal customers for your online business?


Set ways to communicate with the customer- Communicating with your customers, keeps you fresh in their minds allowing you to pass important information to them. Make an effort of having a comprehensive database where you can keep customers’ contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers.  In such way you can contact them by sending friendly reminders and monthly newsletters.

Set a rewards system for your loyal customers- By offering rewards or extra perks to your customers, you encourage them to stick around. Incentives can also make a customer strive to reach a higher status.

Setting different payment plans – Introduce monthly manageable prices so that during those low peak periods you can still make money and also retain your customers.

Great customer services – Treating customers in the right way can increase your customer flow and also loyalty. If a customer is treated well, word will always spread to friends and family and they will all flock to your shop.  Online shops are tricky and a little mistake on the customer service part can destroy your business.

Offer a head start- Offering a customer a head start can really go a long way in building good customer loyalty to your online business.




Now you can confidently order clothing from turkey. The website listed above is some of the best in Turkey. If you are planning to dropship and wholesale from turkey don’t waste any more time. The facts are already laid out for you. Depending on whether you are a resident of turkey or not, you can still order your clothes in bulk and have them shipped and delivered to your shop.