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Top 5 Best Chinese Wholesale Sites You Can Trust

You must have seen many lists of Chinese wholesale sites & companies, and you are searching for the best Chinese wholesale websites. So it is the purpose I picked the top 5 China wholesale suppliers to help you save much time.

Before coming to the top 5 listed, let’s think about what makes you want to buy wholesale from china. ( if you are busy and hurried, you can skip to part 2.)


Part1 – Importing from china wholesale, you must know


According to a 2018 report by Consumer Reports, More than 60% of people say they are willing to pay more for an American-made product than a China-made product. They think China’s items are still of poor quality.


But actually, you can find many labels on clothes, shoes, electronics which say made in China. From Amazon’s data, they say 25% of sellers on Amazon are from China. You are easily buying Chinese products on Amazon. Such cases are common in many countries. After all, Chinese eCommerce developed and extend fastly over the world.


Consumer tastes are changing in recent years. In the past, people like the products fast and cheap, which is shown in yellow and blue. But now people around the world prefer red and yellow, that is good and fast.

Therefore, we can expect that Chinese products tend to fast and cheap, usually ignore the quality in the past years. But the world is changing, China manufacturers are also changing in their minds.


Why there are so many Chinese sellers make business on Amazon and get much reputation?


Many china wholesale suppliers are pursuing fast and good. And they have many beneficial conditions to make it true.


☆ The complete supply chain



China is known as the world factory. Thanks to their rich resources of manpower and foreign business, due to the competitive environment, only reliable and big factories can live longer in China. At the same time, the competition makes the manufacturers pay more attention to their products.


It is a good thing for consumers and wholesalers. We can get the good products at a lower price within a shorter time, why not we reject it?


What items do you like most to buy from China?


Many life necessities are from China, like clothing, shoes, toys, electronics. Especially, many smart products rise from China in recent years. If you are considering dropship clothing, lighting, electronics, and other products, buy wholesale from China is a worthy choice.


But remind that do not buy much inventory. You can buy the products with less MOQS to test if the niche is popular with customers. Thus you need to check this point when you choose the Chinese wholesale suppliers.


Part2 – Top 5 Online Best Chinese Wholesale Sites


Option #1: Westsourcing

Westsourcing is a professional wholesale platform that belongs to a brand of East West Ecommerce Limtied, the top cross-border e-commerce company in China.

They founded in 2017, located in Hongkong, China, the fastest growing city of eCommerce. With years of development, East West e-Commerce has been able to integrate many quality factories and manufacturers and become one of the biggest fashion and clothing distribution centers. is built up for global drop ship distributor.

With the increasing of overseas warehouses, their sales market has the extent to more than 200 countries. According to the Digital Commerce report, they sell a full type of products, like apparel, fashion, consumer electronics, and toys, to overseas consumers.

With the success of so many English eCommerce sites. Sammy dress now has the ability to develop a new service platform for sellers. Its, which focuses is to offer shoppers a service platform with what shoppers want. Just viewing on, their product price is most likely lower than you will find elsewhere.


After knowing their basic information, let’s have a look at their main features.

☆ Global fulfillment service

Because they can link to multiple platforms, you can dropship items on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wish, Shopee, etc. Meanwhile, the global warehouse system can reach 200 countries.

☆ Manage multiple orders within minutes

Thanks to the integration of the system, you can upload the products in bulk from Chinabrands. The condition is that you download the template your selling platform on Chinabrands.

☆ Simple shipping

The whole dropshipping process is simplified by Westsourcing. When you customer buys in your store, your Westsourcing account will read the order data and then process the order for you. The products will ship to your customer from Westsourcing’ warehouse no matter where he is.

☆ No MOQs limitation

Westsourcing mainly target b2b sellers, but with its feature, no MOQs limit, the customer also can buy on it. Now many drop shippers or wholesalers have MOQs limitations, like Alibaba, their products are more likely to a higher MOQs because Alibaba only provides a platform, not services.

Option #2: Hopesourcing

Hopesourcing is an online wholesaler that integrates supply chain services in China. Like, the company has a range of manufacturers and long-term logistics partners.

Hopesourcing was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. Their products category is mainly focused on dresses, home, and electronic products. The gross profit of these products is relatively lower. Although the business volume is large, the profit is less. This is the common case for ordinary products foreign trade in China.

Its profit is mainly due to the low cost of manufacturing and the price difference. Thus many similar eCommerce companies are changing to be service platforms.

The main features:

☆ Support dropshipping and wholesale

Although its website looks like it’s a B2C eCommerce site, it still supports wholesale and dropshipping. Meanwhile, they are also building up their warehouses in America and Europe.

☆ Extensive selection of products

It depends on its large range of manufacturers. They provide full category products, especially wedding dress, fashion. If you are searching for special party dresses, they won’t get you down.

Option #3: Alibaba & Aliexpress

Alibaba is a trading platform for b2b business, while Aliexpress is a global retail marketplace. Although the different features, Alibaba and Aliexpress belong to the same company. the Ali Group.

Most of the suppliers or manufacturers or distributors are trading in large order quantities on However, Aliexpress aims to offer quality products at wholesale prices in small quantities.

In addition, Aliexpress offers free shipping. We can understand if the shipping is free, there must be a longer shipping time. Alibaba needs you to negotiate with suppliers due to you have to select the supplier, confirm the samples, and negotiate the price.

In Alibaba or Aliexpress, you may find that there are many stores that sell the same products, thus you can compare them to choose the one you want based on your own preference. while in china brands, one item comes from only one manufacturer.

Option #4: Made in China

This Chinese wholesale site is a third-party platform for connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers which is like Alibaba, but not as big scale as Alibaba.

This website offers a large range of product information covering 1500 kinds from 24 categories. And the Machinery, hardware tools, and auto parts, building materials, and decorative materials are particularly prominent.

Similar to, Chinese suppliers can create their own homepage which includes their company profile, introduction, and product listings. You also need to select the supplier, confirm the samples, and negotiate the price.

Option #5: Global source

This is a famous b2b directory for foreign trading, which has been around for about 47 years. The current directory format and trade shows they offer were started in 2003.

You can find all kinds of categories and factories information based on filters. Similar to Alibaba, they do not sell products themselves; instead, they are both used as a selling platform. Their regular Hong Kong trade shows are very popular which help international business source face to face with China manufacturers.

Note that the different suppliers provide different minimum orders. However, you can still negotiate with the suppliers. In order to ensure stable and sufficient inventory, you must test more of the suppliers on Global Sources.

These websites have gained popularity. To give you a better understanding of these good Chinese wholesale websites mentioned above, here is a chart showing their features.

CompanyCategoryWarehouseProcessing timeDropshipping
westsourcingGeneralChinaWithin 1 business dayYes


GeneralChinaWithin 1 business dayYes
Alibaba & Aliexpress


GeneralDepends on suppliersDepends on suppliersDepends on suppliers
Made in China


GeneralDepends on suppliersDepends on suppliersDepends on suppliers
Global source


GeneralDepends on suppliersDepends on suppliersNo


What is the most important point for the best Chinese wholesale sites?


When importing from china wholesale, I suppose the most important would be time-saving and low price.

The above 5 trusted Chinese wholesale websites all offer low price items so that there is no big difference in products price. If you can get the low cost of sourcing depends on your products quantity, shipping fees, and the others. So, except record the product’s price, you also need to record the discounts, the shipping fees, and the other factors affecting your final cost.

As for the factor of time-saving, it depends on the suppliers processing time and shipping time. Among the top 5 Chinese wholesale sites, I recommend for you, because they are engaged in proving efficient processing.

Currently, they can integrate with more than 20 platforms, helping you sync order information with your store. At the same time, they build up a global warehousing network to ensure fast delivery.

Next, start to check these China wholesale suppliers and keep in mind that the best one is the most suitable.