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Top 20 MEMS Manufacturers in China 2023

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) have revolutionized the world by enabling the development of smaller, faster, and more efficient electronic devices. The MEMS market has been witnessing significant growth in recent years, and China has emerged as a key player in this industry. This article aims to provide an overview of the top 20 MEMS manufacturers in China for the year 2023, excluding university-based entities.

1. DJI:
DJI, headquartered in Shenzhen, is primarily known for its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and camera gimbals. However, they have also invested in MEMS technology for manufacturing motion sensors and gyros. With their cutting-edge products and strong market presence, DJI tops the list.

2. Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (HH Grace):
HH Grace focuses on developing and manufacturing MEMS sensors for automotive applications. They have developed a wide range of MEMS-based pressure sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, making them a key player in the automotive industry.

3. Sensonor Technologies (Qingdao):
Sensonor Technologies specializes in the production of high-performance MEMS sensors for industrial, aerospace, and defense applications. They have managed to capture a significant market share with their reliable and accurate sensors.

4. SMIC:
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) engages in the design, development, and production of integrated circuits, including MEMS-based products. They offer a variety of MEMS solutions for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial applications.

5. Memstech Corp.:
Memstech Corp. is a leading manufacturer of MEMS-based microphones and speaker modules. Their products are widely used in smartphones, wearable devices, and IoT applications due to their excellent audio performance.

TDK, a well-known global company, has made significant investments in China’s MEMS industry. Through its subsidiary EPCOS, TDK produces MEMS-based sensors, including accelerometers, pressure sensors, and digital compasses.

7. PNI Sensor Corp.:
PNI Sensor Corp. specializes in the development of MEMS-based geomagnetic sensors. With a focus on wearable technology and IoT applications, they provide reliable solutions for navigation, motion tracking, and augmented reality.

8. Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.:
Goodix Technology manufactures MEMS-based fingerprint sensors for smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. They have gained recognition for their advanced fingerprint recognition technology and high-quality products.

9. Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.:
Silan Microelectronics focuses on the design and manufacturing of MEMS-based sensors for a wide range of applications. Their products include accelerometers, gyroscopes, and pressure sensors, catering to consumer electronics and industrial sectors.

10. Beijing Zhongke Blue Star Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.:
Blue Star Electronics specializes in the production of MEMS-based pressure sensors and accelerometers. They have established themselves as a reliable supplier to various industry sectors, including automotive and industrial automation.

11. Nanjing QinHeng Electronics Co., Ltd.:
QinHeng Electronics is a leading manufacturer of MEMS-based gyroscopes for various applications, including navigation, robotics, and drones. Their high-performance gyroscopes have gained recognition in the market.

12. Shanghai JiaoDa Microelectronics Co., Ltd:
JiaoDa Microelectronics primarily focuses on the development of MEMS-based microphones and sensors for consumer electronics. Their products are widely integrated into smartphones, tablets, and other audio systems.

13. Shanghai Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.:
Exsense Electronics specializes in the production of MEMS-based temperature sensors, catering to industries such as automotive, medical, and industrial automation. Their sensors offer high accuracy and stability.

14. STMicroelectronics (China):
STMicroelectronics has a strong presence in the global MEMS market. In China, they have invested in both research and production facilities. STMicroelectronics China focuses on the development and production of MEMS-based sensors and actuators.

15. InvenSense:
InvenSense, a subsidiary of TDK, has established a significant presence in the Chinese MEMS market. They specialize in the production of MEMS-based motion sensors, including gyroscopes and accelerometers, for consumer electronics.

16. Beijing Panto Technologies Co., Ltd.:
Panto Technologies is a leading manufacturer of MEMS-based sensors for automotive applications. They provide advanced solutions for vital systems such as tire pressure monitoring, vehicle stability control, and engine management.

17. Shanghai ABB Smart Sensor Co., Ltd:
ABB Smart Sensor focuses on the production of MEMS-based sensors for industrial automation. Their sensors are widely used in power systems, energy management, and various manufacturing processes.

18. MEMSIC Inc.:
MEMSIC specializes in the production of MEMS-based sensors and sensor solutions for automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. Their products include accelerometers, magnetometers, and tilt sensors.

19. Shenzhen Q-Tech Technology Co., Ltd.:
Q-Tech Technology primarily focuses on MEMS-based quartz oscillators and resonators. Their high-performance products cater to various industries, including telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace.

20. Nanjing Yaotong NCMicroelectronics Co., Ltd.:
YaoTong NCMicroelectronics engages in the design and production of MEMS-based microphones for consumer electronics. They are renowned for their advanced noise-cancelling technology and high-quality microphones.

China’s MEMS industry is rapidly expanding, with numerous manufacturers catering to various sectors. This article highlighted the top 20 MEMS manufacturers in China for the year 2023, excluding university-based entities. Each manufacturer has its specialization, ranging from sensors for consumer electronics to industrial applications. As the demand for MEMS devices continues to grow, these manufacturers are well-positioned to contribute significantly to the development of next-generation electronic devices.